The Good Night Lamp are internet connected lamps for your global friends and family.



The Good Night Lamp is a family of internet-connected lamps that lets you share your presence and availability with your loved ones easily and in an ambiant way.

Turn a Big Lamp on and Little Lamps which you’ve given away turn on too, wherever they might be.

We harness the power of cellular¬†technologies to make this a simple to set up way of saying “now’s a good time to call” or “I’m ok”.

Here’s a video with our first prototype (new video coming soon!)

We made our first batch in March 2015 and the next one is coming soon.

Here’s some handy information to our existing customers.


1. How do I connect my lamps?

We’ve written a handy support section, check it out!¬†

2. I didn’t get a USB converter or it doesn’t work! Send me one!

Uh ho! Send us an email at support@goodnightlamp.com with your order number and whether you would like an EU or UK plug. We’ll get this out to you within a few days.

3. How come the design changed?

We had to change the design of the Big Lamp as making a roof from perspex made it very breakable and impossible to make at scale. We’re taking new pictures and videos for the website which will be published soon.

4. I have a question about something else!

Drop us an email at support@goodnightlamp.com and we’ll try to help!

5. Where will my lamp work?

Currently we only sell the lamps to the UK & European Union but if you move, your lamps will work in the following countries.

Afghanistan Finland Montserrat Turks & Caicos
Albania France Morocco UAE
Andorra Gambia Mozambique UK
Anguilla Georgia Nepal Ukraine
Antigua Germany Netherlands Uruguay
Antigua and Barbuda Ghana New Zealand USA
Argentina Gibraltar Nigeria Uzbekistan
Aruba Greece Norway Vietnam
Australia Grenada Norway International (Air) Zambia
Austria Guatemala Oman
Azerbaijan Guernsey Pakistan
Bosnia & Herzegovina Haiti Panama
Bahamas Hong Kong Paraguay
Bahrain Hungary Peru
Barbados Iceland Philippines
Belarus India Poland
Belgium Indonesia Portugal
Benin Iraq Puerto Rico
Bermuda Ireland Qatar
Brazil Isle of Man Romania
Bulgaria Israel Russia
BVI Italy San Marino
Cambodia Jamaica Saudi Arabia
Canada Japan Senegal
Cape Verde Jersey Serbia & Montenegro
Cayman Islands Kazakhstan Singapore
Chile Kenya Slovak Rep
China Kuwait Slovenia
Colombia Laos South Africa
Congo (Democratic Republic) Latvia South Korea
Costa Rica Lebanon Spain
Croatia Liechtenstein Sri Lanka
Cyprus Lithuania St Kitts & Nevis
Czech Rep Luxembourg St Lucia
Denmark Macau St Vincent and Grenadines
Dominica Madagascar Sweden
Dominican Republic Malaysia Switzerland
Ecuador Maldives Taiwan
Egypt Malta Tanzania
El Salvador Maritime Thailand
Estonia Mauritius Trinidad & Tobago
Faroes Mexico Tunisia
Fiji Montenegro Turkey