The connected lamp that makes the world smaller.

Stay connected with your family

See when your children really go to sleep, without disturbing them or intruding into their world.

Share your status with your family

Show your partner you’re on your way home from work, in an ambient, unobtrusive way.

Follow the status of your colleagues around the world

Use Good Night Lamp as an ambient signal to let people know when you’re free for that meeting or call.

The connected lamp for your global friends and family.

Good Night Lamp is a physical social network. It allows you to keep in touch with people all over the world. When you buy Good Night Lamp it comes as a set of two lamps: a Big Lamp and a Little Lamp. When you turn on your Big Lamp, the Little Lamp turns on too. You can send your Little Lamp to your friend or family member anywhere in the world. There is no lengthy setup and no internet connection needed.

The "100" Set

We’re making a limited edition of 100 walnut-veneered Sets of a Big Lamp and a Little Lamp which is now sold out. This is the only batch that will be crafted out of walnut.

£279 inc VAT
Free shipping for UK & EU.

Delivery date for all orders is March 1st 2015.

We are only able to ship to UK & European customers at this time. The Lamps, however will work anywhere in the world, so if you move house, it will continue to work.

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How does it work?

The “100” Set is powered by Eseye, our technology partner. Each Set comes with five years of global cellular connectivity but we will only ship to European customers.

The Big Lamp will use whatever local provider is in your country to connect to the Little Lamp. No setup needed, it all works when you plug it in.

You don’t need a home internet connection or a Wi-Fi router. Simply plug your Good Night Lamps into a laptop or power outlet. They just work, straight out of the box.

Current Features

50,000 hours of bulb life

Write and draw on the wipeable lamp surface

5 years of global connectivity.

See your lamp’s historical data

No Wi-Fi internet connection needed

Available for sale in the UK & EU but works globally.

Tech Specs


Big Lamp: 17 cm (6.65 inches) (W) x 16 cm (6.25 inches) (D) x 21cm (8.2 inches) (H)
Little Lamp: 8.5 cm (2.7 inches) (W) x 8 cm (3.25 inches) (D) x 10.5 cm (4.0 inches) (H)


Big Lamp: 1.1 Kg (2.4 lb)
Little Lamp: 0.150 Kg (0.33 lb)


Big Lamp: 40 W
Little Lamp: 0.5 W


120v / 240v



What people are saying

"It’s a charming idea. The Internet of Things is still a nascent idea, and it’s often spoken about in technical or conceptual terms. But the Goodnight Lamp is simple, emotional, and--importantly--easy to grasp, even if you don’t know much about ubiquitous computing."

− Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan (Fast Company)

"For a family spread around the world, it could be a great way to feel connected."

− Staff Writers (Daily Mail)