The easiest way to share your presence and availability with your global friends and family.

Turn a Big Lamp on and Little Lamps which you’ve given away turn on too. Anywhere in the world.

Use the Good Night Lamp to tell a loved one ‘now’s a good time for a chat’, ‘I’m thinking of you’ or ‘call me when you get home’. You decide.

As your family grows or moves away, you can add as many Little Lamps as you want.




How does it work?


We partner with technology companies around the world to connect your lamps to global mobile networks. You don’t need wifi at home but you need enough mobile coverage to receive text messages.  Plug your lamps in and they just work!

Read about the Good Night Lamp


Limited edition available for US customers only

We’re making a limited edition of 200 Sets entirely ‘Made in USA’. Buy yours now!