A different kind of holiday season

Today we refunded all of our US customers who had ordered a Good Night Lamp last year. As it became clear to us this autumn, developing a secure product for a brand new network (CAT-M) wasn’t going to be easy and the hardware we’re using, the Arduino MKR 1500, is new. So with all these new things, we thought we’d give ourselves, and Adrian, a little more breathing space to keep developing the most secure solution we could.

As the internet of things continues to suffer from all kinds of security breaches and problems, it’s really key that the open source version of the Good Night Lamp also happens to be the most trustworthy. We’ve been helping develop Better IoT for the last year with the Good Night Lamp in mind as the perfect example of a product we want to make sure is well made and continues to deliver on its promise to connect global friends and families. As Roland Penrose wrote, the road is wider than long and although it’s disappointing, another year of good work is always worth it. The Good Night Lamp was born in 2005 out of my masters degree work and I’m still learning from my peers, collaborators and friends who have helped deliver it to hundreds of families around Europe so far.

If you’re living in the North of England, pop by the National Media Museum in Bradford, where the Good Night Lamp is featured as part of the Never Alone exhibition. It’s a show about security and the internet of things aimed at getting families to learn about the risks of technologies in their home and we’re featured as a good example of a simple connected experience where data isn’t what’s valuable, but how it’s used within a family. The show is on sill February 3rd, so go check it out.

And to you and yours around the world, happy holidays!