Our Founder
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino is a product and interaction designer who has been focusing on the internet of things ever since she first started designing interactive spaces in 2003. She came up with the Good Night Lamp in 2005 but it was in 2012, with the help of early investors Blaine Cook and Usman Haque that she was able to start commercialising the product. Keep up with her progress through Twitter.

Our Story
Back in 2005, Alex was an interaction design student at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy. She was given a brief: “In the future, more people will live alone. Design something for them. The Good Night Lamp was the answer to that brief. Launched at CES 2013 and featured on television, print and online around the world, it has become an iconic example of how the “internet of things” will improve people’s lives.

Alex has spent many years trying to get closer to a commercial version of the product and working on a small limited edition production run which sold in late 2014 and was shipped in April 2015 in collaboration with Eseye, a communications company and Tom Cecil a designer & engineer.

The Good Night Lamp will be available again in the next months so sign up to our newsletter to hear about it. If you’re a member of the press, we’re preparing some assets so drop Alex an email.

How the product has evolved:

Current collaborators: Tom Cecil StudioEPSEseye

Past collaborators: Graftt , PAN Studio, SuperNova Studios,  Mcqn,  Makersco , John NusseyThingInnovationsThingslearn

Advisors: Laura JamesDevelangels