This was our year

I’ve been a bit quiet about the the Good Night Lamp but this year was major. I actually made and shipped lamps around the world. Here is a rather long breakdown of how I did it, how much it cost and what’s next. A bit of history  I had the idea in 2005 as a … [Read more…]

Week 81: A year of fundraising

So it’s been a year since I first started to look for funding to get our first batch of products made and it’s been an education. I wanted to share with you who we have reached out to and lessons learnt. It might be useful for our friends in London and beyond who are looking … [Read more…]

Week 65: GNL near you?

We’re looking for physical shops where the Good Night Lamp could be sold around the world and we thought who better to ask than you our beloved readers. Have a favorite design or gadget shop in your city? We want to know about it! Fill in this quick form and we’ll contact them and see … [Read more…]

Week 63: Testing the Good Night Lamp

As the summer approaches we’re slowly preparing to test one of our latest prototypes of the Good Night Lamp and looking for beta testers. We’re going to applying for a little funding to try out 50 sets of the Good Night Lamp for people in the UK who want to give it to an elderly parent … [Read more…]

Week 61: A new recruit & talking to real people

Almost 2 months and we’ve been super busy showcasing the Good Night Lamp, talking to people who can help us make it and meeting “real people”! By that I mean I spent a week with the lovely Georgina Terrana & Rachel Rayns in Birmingham last month showing the Good Night Lamp as part of the … [Read more…]

Week 55: On Canal +

We were extremely pleased to be featured in the Canal+ daytime talk show La Nouvelle Edition on Friday (see 1 mn in). I grew up in France watching Canal+ for its english content so this is especially exciting for me and our first time on television! “Super mignon” means “super cute” by the way :) … [Read more…]

Week 54: The importance of sharing (or not)

I’ve been thinking about broadcasting and signals at the moment so you’ll excuse a more esoteric blogpost. Of course we’ve assumed owners of the Good Night Lamp will give Little Lamps to friends and family, but what if Justin Bieber had a Big Lamp and Little Lamps were sold to all his fans (we can … [Read more…]

Week 51: The Social Life of Lamps at Launch Festival

One of the important things about the Good Night Lamp is that it’s connected online. This means that from the beginning, we thought about the interactions that a user might want to have with his network of lamps. We’re in San Francisco for the Launch Festival as part of the Demo Pit and we’re extremely … [Read more…]

Week 47: Our store is live!

This month has been incredible really. We went to Vegas, launched a Kickstarter and then today launched a store for the first batch of Good Night Lamps. Everyone has been extremely supportive: our backers first and lovely people like Dan and John who wrote about us for Forbes and ComputerWorld documenting a decision we made … [Read more…]

Week 45: Half time for Kickstarter campaign

So we’re half way through our Kickstarter campaign and I thought I’d share some of the data we’ve gathered and some of what we’ve learnt. 1. Geographies of care At CES, we asked people to fill in a postcard answering 2 simple questions: who would you give a Little Lamp to and where do they … [Read more…]