How do I start using my lamps?

  • Unwrap your lamps from their packaging. Connect lamp to the USB adapter provided and plug it into a mains wall socket.
  • Please do not connect lamp to a laptop or other power source as it will not work.
  • Once plugged in your lamp will flicker briefly as it looks for a local network to connect to. This may take up to six minutes, so in the mean time feel free to go make yourself a cup of tea.
  • Then switch on your Big Lamp by pressing the chimney button down. This should make your Little Lamp light up shortly afterwards, within a minute (give it a little time as the signal has to go to go all the way to space and back!).
  • Make sure your lamp isn’t on a metal table and that your lamps (if you’re testing both of them at home) are at least one meter apart and that their power cord is untangled.
  • If you don’t have one of our connectors, you can use a tablet connector (not a phone one) in the meantime and then contact us so we can send you a connector.

After six minutes, my lamps still pulse!

  • That probably means the connectivity to the network in that part of your home is too weak for your lamps. Please try moving them to another location in your house.
  • Once moved wait another 6 minutes and try them again.
  • If you continue to experience any problems please fill in our little online report and we’ll help resolve any problems you are experiencing.

My lamp rattles when I unwrapped it!

Oh no! That means it may have been damaged in transport. Please contact us and we’ll send you a free return postage and send you new ones!

My Good Night Lamps have stopped working – troubleshooting

  • Ensure your lamps are connected to a mains wall socket using the USB adapter provided.
  • Make sure your lamps aren’t on a metal surface, that they are at least one meter apart, and that their power cord is untangled.
  • If you lamp flickers it could be updating software or trying to connect to a mobile network. If lamp continues to flash unplug for 5 minutes and/or move to a new location in the house. If none of this resolves the flashing get in touch.
  • If when you switch on the big lamp the little lamp does not switch on, or the big lamp does not switch on at all work through the precious troubleshooting steps. If they fail to resolve the problem please get in touch so we can help to get your lamps working as soon as possible.

Are the lamps available in any shops?

As of March 2019 we are no longer commercially available but will continue to support our existing customers. 

7 replies on “ FAQ ”
  1. Hi,
    I live in Australia and am looking to have the large lamp with me but get 2 small lamps to give to my nephews in the UK – will that work?
    and do you need wifi for it to work?

    1. Hi Emma,

      At the moment we only ship to the UK and Europe, but our lamps work in many countries around the world including Australia (see a full list here http://goodnightlamp.com/country-list/).

      If you’d like to go ahead and purchase a set of lamps, you can visit our online shop (http://goodnightlamp.com/shop/), please bare in mind before doing so that there there is a 6 week waiting period after you order until it is shipped.

      You don’t need wifi as it uses mobile networks, so you just need enough signal in your area to receive a text message and the lamps will work.

      I hope that helps and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

      All my best,


  2. Hi , I want to buy the little lamp for my boyfriend and I as we live far apart , would I have to buy two ? Or do you just get one and separate them ? Thanks in advance

  3. Hi,

    Are you closer to being able to ship to USA?

    What if you had two little lamps, could that work? The matching ones are perfect for boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Thank you

  4. Hi,
    I live in Italy and I’d like to buy a set of lamps, but I saw that now you ship just to Us, when will you ship to Italy?
    Many thanks

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