Week 45: Half time for Kickstarter campaign

So we’re half way through our Kickstarter campaign and I thought I’d share some of the data we’ve gathered and some of what we’ve learnt.

1. Geographies of care
At CES, we asked people to fill in a postcard answering 2 simple questions: who would you give a Little Lamp to and where do they live. Out of 163 responses, 52% of people said they’d like to offer this to a special woman in their life ( written as a mom, sister, daughter, grandmother or a woman’s name). This is really interesting to use and might inform how we talk about the product in the future or even package it.

View Good Night Lamp: Where Little Lamps go in a larger map

Also, within 163 responses, we managed to cover large parts of the US and a lot of countries around the world proving either that:

– CES is really an international event with a bias towards California
– People have family around the world
which either way is super interesting.

2. Data!
In other news, I thought I’d share a little Kickstarter data as well as we make a slow advance towards the finish line. There’s plenty of time, so the game is still to be played and we’re reaching out to local and international press. But the traffic sources is super interesting to us as we discover more and more coverage in blogs around the world and get requests from Italy, China, Russia, Austria and the US. It’s a global game the internet of things.