Indiegogo campaign coming up!

Some news from us as we’ve been reflecting on how best to come to the US. It’s not easy coming to a whole new market when you’re based in the UK and support is very limited. Traditional investors aren’t really interested in the Good Night Lamp as it’s a product of craftsmanship and hard work, one lamp at a time, so we have to be a little bit clever about how we manage to get together just enough money to make what we can call a ‘minimum viable supply chain’.

So we’ve decided after talking to lots of nice people to give crowdfunding another go. We tried back in January 2013 with Kickstarter and it wasn’t a great experience. We weren’t ready and it was totally the wrong time of the year to ask for people’s support. We also tried to raise way too much money. It was the heady early days, so we’ll be smarter this time around.

Over the next few months we’ll be preparing a little campaign on Indiegogo  hopefully working out a good way to use whatever we can raise to put a small batch together made entirely in the USA. We’ll be manufacturing the enclosures in Nashville (with our lovely friends at Good Wood Nashville) and the electronics in Alabama (with API ) where it will be sent to customers. We’ll also be upgrading our services to cover 4G & LTE which we currently don’t support. This will mean lots of redesign (and certification costs) but we’re looking to work with companies like Airfi to provide us with the partnerships we need to connect the lamps in lots of different countries in North America.

It’s exciting, but it’s lots of things to do so we’re holding our breath and diving in deep. We’re hoping the campaign lets us cover our costs for a small batch of products, nothing massive as we learnt so much from making our products in the UK & EU already. We’re pacing ourselves. I’ve never thought this was a sprint, creating the Good Night Lamp has always been a marathon, one I’ve loved every minute of. I hope you’ll join us for the ride and keep an eye on the campaign going live in the next couple of months!

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  1. Cannot wait till I can purchase this in United States. I would love to be a tester for my elderly grandma. Thank you

  2. We can’t wait for you in the U.S. Would love to test this out with our dear, dear friend in England!!

  3. I would love to be a tester for your product in the US! Really looking forward to it!

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