Week 20: New advisor

I’m really enchanted to announce that Dr Laura James has accepted to be an advisor for Good Night Lamp. Her experience as an engineer, technologist and manager is absolutely amazing. Her experience as CTO in the early days of Alert Me means that she has years of experience of working in a technology/consumer start-up. I went up to Cambridge yesterday and we had some great conversations about what it means to put connected products out onto the market. I am honoured and grateful. This is going to be brilliant.

In other news, John has been hiding away laser cutting and working on the hardware side of things…
We have another workshop coming up in a few weeks with Adrian and with our new collaborator Konstantinos Chalaris of SuperNova Studio. On the last day of the workshop Lawrence Archand will join us to talk about manufacturing implications of our design and possible costs. We’ll be concentrating on the software and networking technology as well as the product design. I’m really excited about some of the ideas we’ve been kicking around.

We’re working towards a new deadline and I now have a ginormous Gantt chart for the next 6 months…*gulp*