Week 33: A new look for the Good Night Lamp!

When we first started working on the Good Night Lamp back in March, we had a design I had come up with back in 2005 that was starting to show its age. We had a workshop back in August and decided to revisit it, to come up with something fresh that would communicate the concept more clearly, in a way that made it appealing to families who might want to share a part of their lives with their loved ones. We also wanted to make sure we weren’t designing only for a technology-saavy audience, that this would be something a design-conscience crowd would want without necessarily understanding how it worked in the details. Our service is pretty simple in digital terms, so its really up to the product to speak out the most, to entice people. As we started to change the websites a few weeks ago, you might have guessed what was coming up.

The Big Lamp, the Little Lamp and the Power House.

After some thinking, we came up with the metaphor of houses, cities and power houses. I’ll explain.

A Big Lamp is a lamp that uses LED lighting and has wifi capability. The roof lights up and produces enough light to read to. You can put in in your home, at the office, wherever you like.

Little Lamps are very small wooden houses with a front panel that lights up when you turn on the Big Lamp they are associated to. You can write on them to remind yourself of who that Little Lamp represents.

The Power House is a wifi-enabled orange house that you tether all the Little Lamps you want to collect to, to form a little row of houses. The Little Lamps all report to the Power House what their ID number is and the Power House communicates with the cloud to switch the right ones on. This avoids you having to plug in every single Little House you might want to connect in your home. We want to keep things a little green after all!

So when you’ll be buying a set, you’ll get 1 Big Lamp, 1 Little Lamp and a Power House. Send the Little Lamp and Power House to your mom and she’s all good to go.

It’s taken us some months to get to the point of having a design and prototypes we are proud of. John has been working with a new collaborator, Tom Cecil who is based in London Fields so quite near us. Tom is formerly an engineer and has been working on making the fabrication of these wooden houses as simple and efficient as possible. We were planning on showing the new design off last week at Wired2012 but some CNC shenanigans means we’ll have to wait till John shows them off in mod-November at Future London. We’re really excited about this new design and we really hope you like it too. We’re working on a video, so watch this space!