Week 43: We’re now on Kickstarter

After many a conversations with our advisors, investors and others like Ed Borden who had experience with the Air Quality Egg, we decided to take the leap and start a 30 day Kickstarter campaign which we’re launching at CES tomorrow. This was carefully considered and we decided to go ahead because it would allow us to:

Determine within 30 days if we had something that people genuinely found interesting. “What is the size of your market?” is a question we’ve had to face many times in the last few months and with something a little different like the Good Night Lamp, that gets tricky.

Give us a next harsh deadline. I booked the booth for CES before we had new designs or even a team. This pushed us to deliver when it seemed impossible but we made it happen as I write this from Las Vegas after spending 2 days setting up our booth with John. This campaign, if we’re successful, will push us forward and give us that next deadline to hit.

And at every point, and whatever happens, we will remember the words of our friend Russell Davies: it’s less crowded up front.

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