Week 47: Our store is live!

This month has been incredible really. We went to Vegas, launched a Kickstarter and then today launched a store for the first batch of Good Night Lamps.

Everyone has been extremely supportive: our backers first and lovely people like Dan and John who wrote about us for Forbes and ComputerWorld documenting a decision we made a few weeks ago when we saw that we might be unsuccessful in our Kickstarter campaign. The feedback we’re getting online and when we present it is overwhelmingly positive so we really weren’t about to get low on the basis of 30 days of campaigning!

Yes we were asking for a rather large amount, but that was also part of our plan. To talk frankly about the cost of these types of products on Kickstarter is new. Most people just want to have a successful campaign, no matter what the implications are in terms of delivery. We didn’t want to disappoint. We’d rather try to do things a bit differently and engage people by showing our numbers so that in the future other campaigns can be asked the same transparency.

We’ve been getting some awesome feedback from people about our little store, and we’ll adjust things accordingly, so keep it coming!