Week 51: The Social Life of Lamps at Launch Festival

One of the important things about the Good Night Lamp is that it’s connected online. This means that from the beginning, we thought about the interactions that a user might want to have with his network of lamps. We’re in San Francisco for the Launch Festival as part of the Demo Pit and we’re extremely happy to share our latest work: the Good Night Lamp Dashboard. It’s early days but we’re excited.

1. Little Lamps.

When you buy from us, we invite you to set yourself up with an account. The first page will show you the Little Lamps you have collected from friends, the names you will have chosen for them, how long ago they were switched on or off as well as location. This is the location of the Big Lamp which you edit, and it populates the pages of the Little Lamps of your friends. You can change the colour of a roof, to make it memorable too.

2. Big Lamps + your network

When you click on the Big Lamp tab, you see both the Big Lamp you have at home, and the network of Little Lamps you’ve given away. This lets you see your whole network and do things like remotely turn the Big Lamp on and off. This is handy when you’re travelling.

You can also unlink Little Lamps. This is really because the Good Night Lamp is built on relationships between people which can get complicated sometimes :) So being able to remotely decide not to share your Big Lamp status anymore is pretty important.


3. Growing your network

Finally, what happens when you start to collect many Little Lamps? You can start putting them into groups. What happens when you have a Big Lamp connected to Little Lamps for friends, and a Big Lamp used to keep an eye on whether your colleagues are around or not. Well, each Big Lamp and its network has its own tab which you can rename too.


This is just the beginning for us, but this Dashboard will be available to our customers only starting on September 2nd, so pre-order your Good Night Lamp now!

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  1. Nice! Maybe some sort of indication to see if it’s currently day or night at the little lamps’ locations (or in their respective time zones) could provide additional info.

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