Week 54: The importance of sharing (or not)


I’ve been thinking about broadcasting and signals at the moment so you’ll excuse a more esoteric blogpost. Of course we’ve assumed owners of the Good Night Lamp will give Little Lamps to friends and family, but what if Justin Bieber had a Big Lamp and Little Lamps were sold to all his fans (we can dream right?). Would he use it to say “i’m up!” and would the 14 year olds swoon at the thought? Probably, but it would probably be his assistant anyway right?

The nice thing about turning on a light is that context is everything. Where the lamp is, who lives in that home, what time it is back home, etc. Wherever there’s a connection, it’s only as meaningful as you’d like it to be. You can decide to use GNL just to say to your folks in another country that you’re ready for a chat, or just use it in an ambient way. Either way, you’ll have to share that mixed use of a platform with the people you share a connection with. Just like Twitter takes on the utility you want, GNL becomes as clear or obscure as you’d like it to be, because sometimes, you might not want to talk to your mother-in-law. Reversely the connection may or may not be understood in the right way “oh i thought you were around”, “are you ok, you’ve been in and out of home a lot today” are situations that will happen. Just like when someone on twitter has been a bit quiet, you might reach out. Things are always tenuous in human relationships and hopefully we can design products and services that get people to reach out and connect and say “Goodnight Justin!”

Happy weekend everyone.