Week 61: A new recruit & talking to real people


Almost 2 months and we’ve been super busy showcasing the Good Night Lamp, talking to people who can help us make it and meeting “real people”! By that I mean I spent a week with the lovely Georgina Terrana & Rachel Rayns in Birmingham last month showing the Good Night Lamp as part of the “Future Tech” section of the Gadget Show Live. The experience is really overwhelming actually compared to CES which is why there was 3 of us. The Gadget Show is placed during Easter holidays, so it’s the perfect time for Dad’s to show off to their sons and families to have fun together. This isn’t a trade show in a traditional sense, it’s more like a fun thing to do for families living around the area. This means they’re also brutal about their feedback as they have paid money to come and don’t need to be nice to us.

We had some really great comments, 90% of which were positive and most of which were “Oh can it also do…”. This means the product is compelling initially because it’s cute and totally different from its plastic competitors but also because people wanted more from it. Some of the new uses included switching lights on in kids bedrooms remotely, to people who wanted to connect to their loved ones in the army. The usecase of using the Good Night Lamp to keep tabs on an elderly parent really resonated with people who also highlighted to us the need for moving beyond wifi to GSM which makes experimenting with the latest Telefonica/BlueVia Arduino shield really interesting.

In order to try to dig into all these different scenarios, we’ve brought in Jeremy Masmondet who is a student at the International School of Commerce in Dijon where he’s been studying marketing. His background was initially computer science and his dad works in import/export, all of which is a pretty perfect combination for our team. He’s starting on Monday and will be working with us from our London office for 2 months as a Marketing Researcher.


Adrian has been hard at work too, showcasing the Good Night Lamp at Internet World Expo in Earl’s Court (at the same time I was presenting it on stage at NEXT 13)


Next up, we’ve made the cut for 2 startup competitions: one at Thinking Digital and the other at LeWeb London. I’ll be doing both, so wish us luck!

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  1. I saw this via Rachel’s facebook account whilst she was in Birmingham. Really like the idea and thought of different ways I could use it in my own home. So it will be great to see what more development happen. Well done

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